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Install Analytics

It’s important to see what pages your visitors find useful and equally important to see what they don’t. Analytics (such as Google Analytics) can give you great insight into the habits of your site visitors, and can help give you clues as to what pages might need some help.

Heading with a Subtitle

Invest in Search Engine Optimization

How does your site appear in Google or Bing search results? How are people searching for your type of business? Some initial SEO assistance can go a long way in improving your rankings. The drop-off for searches found on the second page is 75%.

Heading Level 2

Heading Level 3

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While on the topic of SEO, video rankings via search are through the roof. Video thumbnails from YouTube show up directly in search results, offering a graphical element that stands out from text. Consider adding video to your arsenal of original content in the form of video blogs (vlogs) or short, how-to videos that inform your visitors while giving you credit as an expert.


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  • Have A Strategy And Know Your Visitor
  • Remember That Less Is More.
  • Keep Your Customers In Mind At All Times.


  • Make It A Knowledge Center.
  • Be Specific, Valuable And Keep It Simple.
  • Focus, Focus, Focus.


  1. Set The Tone.
  2. Address Customers' Most Important Needs.
  3. Update It Constantly.
  4. Use Human Imagery.
  5. Remember That Looks Matter.
  6. Add Video Content.





Name Description Price
Something Websites are often a top search result for a company. 29.99
Nothing ensure that your website has functioning social links. 19.99
Something don’t forget about your mobile site. 29.99
Nothing Good navigation is important for a good website. 19.99
Something remember to update and upkeep the content. 29.99


Name Description Price
Something Decide what your goals are for the site. 29.99
Nothing Add the call-to-action buttons. 19.99
Something Well-researched and well-written commentary. 29.99
Nothing Your website should be a brand asset. 19.99
Something remember to update and upkeep the content. 29.99




Left & Right

The homepage of a website is the most important place on the site. In less time than it takes to hit the back button on a browser, visitors will ask and notice several things. Your website needs to match up with your organization's strategic goals. Which leads directly to who the people visiting you are, why they are visiting, how they interact with the site and what we want them to know and do

According to Hick’s law, the more choices you present to visitors, the longer they will take to make the decision. So the first rule is to be specific. Second, add the value to the visitors by adding the call-to-action buttons (e.g., ROI calculator or free SEO audit). Finally, use the programs that build the heat map and click reports for a better understanding of UX (user experience).